Kathy Marrone, Editor in Chief, Vogue Patterns magazine, The McCall Pattern Company:

McCall recognized that a digital edition of Vogue Patterns magazine would provide an opportunity to increase and retain our subscriber base but our staff had no experience in this area. DPCI offered a number of solutions that fit our existing workflow. DPCI prototyped and rolled out an iOS version of our magazine and worked with our team to integrate this into our editorial and production processes. With DPCI’s help, we hope to expand this into the Android platform by the end of 2015. We have come to rely on DPCI’s judgment and expertise. They have become a valuable resource and an important extension of our team.

Sandy Jimenez, Director of Information Services, MPA - The Association of Magazine Media:

In my experience, DPCI is one of the very best full service web design companies I have ever worked with. Their team's open, but investigatory perspective put the user experience at the center of the development focus for our site-wide redesign; without sacrificing our staff's needs on the content management side.

Our redesign process involved the unrelated (and sometimes conflicting) goals of many internal stakeholders, and several unique department-specific needs which DPCI prioritized and aligned productively and insightfully.

DPCI's identification and development of the right tools and workflows for the ongoing creation of disparate content types by our staff, as well as fulfilling the need to enable the outward-facing varied interactions and distinct touch points intended for our member visitors, non-member visitors and the new website's ever changing content is what made DPCI the ideal design and development partner for us.

I recommend DPCI without reservation. They are thorough, thoughtful, and nimble.

Lynda Hammes, Publisher, Foreign Affairs:

Working with DPCI to simplify our production workflow has not only saved our editors countless hours of work. It has been a critical step in future-proofing the magazine's content formats for new digital products.

Anne Jackley, Senior Director of Digital Products, ALM:

DPCI was key to the successful and timely creation of our first Adobe DPS app. The DPCI team is not only responsive and knowledgeable, but they were extremely patient and helpful in revising our app to meet our business needs while adhering to Apple’s app approval requirements.

Colleen Casper, Art Director, The International Society of Automation (ISA):

The DPCI team was very patient with me as I was learning. Anton clearly answered my questions and helped me as I struggled through until things “clicked.” The information he gave me helped me clearly understand the key DPS features in InDesign.

Barry Costa, Senior Web Designer, Strategic Marketing Communications, University of Connecticut:

Overall I am very satisfied with the degree of training I received from DPCI. Their timely support and guidance on troubleshooting questions and issues as they arose was immaculate and highly professional.

Steve Streicher, Director, Marketing & Communications, New York Cares:

The majority of New York Cares business is done through its website, and DPCI helped us meet the needs of many different stakeholder groups while modernizing and enhancing our ability to manage user-facing marketing content. DPCI also provided swift response, training, and consultation on our rapidly changing requirements, allowing us to better mobilize volunteers to meet the most pressing needs of the community.

Judith Michael, SVP Business Operations, Frames Data, Jobson Healthcare Information (JHI):

The DPCI team has worked well with our technology-challenged staff for nearly ten years. Joozer Tohfafarosh and his team have provided much-needed expertise and are willing to be flexible based on our budget, schedule and operational needs.

Eileen Cunningham, Operations Director, Diablo Custom Publishing:

I would absolutely recommend DPCI as a resource for supporting first-time publishers to publish their apps, as well as to provide ongoing support. This is a world where products and processes require frequent updates due to evolving technology.

Kim Duclos, Creative Director, National Student Clearinghouse:

What a great learning experience! DPCI held our hand throughout the entire process, consulted on and researched any specific issues we had, customized the training and consultation to fit our particular needs, and were always available to us when we needed their help.

Wayne Vincent, Director of Product Communications, McGraw-Hill Education:

I found DPCI to be a true resource and business partner. The personal attention, responsiveness, expertise, and professionalism they provided me and my team were outstanding. This project would not have been done as quickly or as successfully without DPCI’s participation.

Maryanne Stebbins, Publications Designer, A-dec:

DPCI has been great to work with. The training and service they provide is top-notch. Customer support is amazing, they get back to you quick and get your questions answered. Natasha Davis, our DPCI support representative, is always patient. She has guided us with confidence and ease through all the the things that seem complicated to us.

Overall it has been a real pleasure working with the people at DPCI!

Frank Costello, EVP/General Manager, MPA - The Association of Magazine Media:

DPCI's domain expertise, guidance and professionalism helped us to meet our Website redesign goals. The MPA now has an online presence that reflects the vitality of the magazine media industry while providing an improved user experience for access to industry research, news, events and more.

Aiden Colie, Vice President, Technology, Scholastic Inc.:

As a result of the terrific work conducted by DPCI staff on our analysis project, we will be looking to them to assist us with future initiatives.

Mike Shoemaker, President, Cities West Publishing:

Natasha Davis and DPCI took the lead on the development and customization of the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite Enterprise Edition, along with Apple's certification process, which enabled us to concentrate on designing our magazine format for the iPad. Their knowledge and understanding of our needs saved us countless hours of frustration and testing in dealing with the entitlement process. Our App was submitted to Apple on time only because of their involvement.

Jim Scott, Senior Editor, DNAinfo:

The new content management system has allowed us to do our work faster. Editors can now focus on writing and enriching stories, rather than spending time fighting with an inefficient system.

Marque Staneluis, Senior Director of Technology and Product Development, DNAinfo:

From guiding us through the requirements phase and developing the system, to helping manage the initiative, DPCI has been a great partner for us. The new content management system implementation was a huge project that has been a major success. I now have the peace of mind, knowing that our infrastructure is stable and scalable.

Leela de Kretser, Editorial Director and Publisher, DNAinfo:

The new content management system rollout was the best technology release I have ever experienced.

Sean Powell, Online Fundraising Manager, Production Management Group:

DPCI helped us get up and running with our donation processing system, built on Drupal. They set us up with a sound framework and process that has served us well to this day. They have been a key partner in our success.

Craig Anderson, Senior VP, Operations and Marketing Services, Publishers Clearing House:

DPCI was an essential partner in the successful completion of our enterprise content management project which provides PCH with a much more efficient creative operating environment, one that enables efficient use of product related creative assets across all channels and optimizes the staff resources involved in the process. The benefits of the final implementation will be important to the successful growth of our online marketing efforts that promote merchandise sales.

Marta Kimball, Director of Production and Design, Vista Higher Learning:

With the assistance of DPCI in the implementation of the K4 Publishing System version 6, we were able to reduce production time and take a book that was going to be late to press and actually turn it around on time. DPCI has been a great partner for VHL to help us transform the way we bring our books to market.

Sean McKenzie, Senior Director, Marketing Business Applications & Brand Asset Management, Comcast Cable Corporation:

DPCI’s subject matter expertise helped us to design a scalable publishing solution to meet our ever-changing direct marketing and customer communication needs. With XMPie’s variable data print capabilities integrated with DPCI's Digital Flywheel, we are not only saving money in the print fulfillment of high-volume, customized print materials but our marketing representatives now have the self-service tools to create these mass orders quickly.

David B. Roth, Former Chairman, Department of Pathology, New York University Langone Medical Center:

Working with DPCI has enabled us to utilize cutting edge technology without complexity and empowers the entire team at the Department of Pathology with new tools to deliver insightful research, patient information, and educational programs. The new site rocks.

Daniel Wild, Web Editor and Content Manager, Department of Pathology, New York University Langone Medical Center:

DPCI has turned several of our complex proposals into flawless websites. They really understand our needs and it's refreshing to collaborate with such a skillful and reliable team.

Douglas Liles, Vice President, Technology, Southern Graphics Systems:

DPCI’s depth in publishing technologies (Digital Asset Management, Workflow Systems and Production Applications) originally attracted Southern Graphic Systems to take advantage of their extensive know-how.

As DPCI is a Microsoft Gold Partner, SGS has found that our current investments in the .NET platform could be further extended through innovative SharePoint web parts developed by DPCI that integrate with SGS’ back office systems.

In particular, Ivan Mironchuk has displayed an understanding of our business needs that translated to solid technical solutions.

DPCI's delivery exceeds expectations through strong and well-documented project management protocols that adhere closely to PMBOK standards. Budget variance and scope management have exceeded our expectations.

Mr. Bachana provides more than industry perspective and innovation. He provides critical guidance to our executives on gaining value from I.T. so that we may realize better yields. His support in developing proper methodologies for Project Chartering has been vital to re-calibrating our organization.

Simply put, DPCI provides more than development and integration. They are a high-performing, strategic partner that helps SGS win in the marketplace. They are superlative in their class against their competition, regularly scoring higher in our annual assessments.

Alex Lorberg, Chief Technology Officer, Daily Racing Form:

As a newly hired IT head at the Daily Racing Form, I was presented with an outdated set of publishing systems and processes. The digital face of the company, www.drf.com, was affected the most by this deficiency. With the decline in print business the web site needed modern tools to provide fresh and timely content to its customers.

Several vendors were brought on board to help us build the new web and print CMS, integrate them and provide capabilities to explore DRF's content breath and depth. All vendors had a challenge of transforming the business in a very short timeframe and a limited budget and DPCI was the only one to make the cut.

Following DPCI's proven methodology of careful requirements gathering, process and resource evaluation, and analysis, DPCI helped us transform the publishing infrastructure. This provided DRF with a lean and efficient print operation while allowing the company to quickly push relevant content to the web site and allow for addition of various e-commerce elements that promote impulse buying.

Our SEO capabilities have also improved immensely. As the project moved forward, the business endeavoured to redesign the site in the same timeframe with a new Web content management system deployment. This addition would ordinarily derail any project, yet DPCI helped us face the challenge and deliver both initiatives.

As a direct result of the new capabilities the company saw the highest unique visitor counts in its 116 years.

Anita Osterhaug, eMedia Project Manager, Interweave Press:

Thank you DPCI for all your help. Your knowledge and skills are exceptional, and we would recommend DPCI's services to anyone. It's been a real pleasure working with you, and we look forward to the next opportunity to work with DPCI again.

Anna Murray, CIO, TimeOut New York:

DPCI delivered exactly what was defined and asked of them. Their project manager was very accessible and understood the desired project outcome. DPCI worked well with another vendor to coordinate changes, and matched their labeling and verbiage to that of the project. DPCI's documentation was great!

Chris Herring, Manager of Publishing Systems Experience, NBC Universal:

I’ve turned to DPCI many times for help with complex digital publishing projects. Their team always makes me feel like I’m working with a partner — not a vendor. Because of their broad and deep experience in the media industry, they innately understand how to reduce the amount of time and effort required to publish content in today’s socially-connected world by improving both process and technology.

Robert Cacace, CIO, Alliance for Children and Families:

When a web development project that had languished for more than two years was turned over to me for completion, I knew that I had to turn to a trusted partner. DPCI's professional and patient staff moved the project to completion in two months. I am now working on the specifications for the next version of the website, and I will trust its execution to DPCI. They have a proven track record of turning my ideas into reality, and suggesting a few of their own. I have worked with DPCI for more than ten, very successful, years.

Mike Child, CTO, PRIMEDIA, Inc.:

DPCI’s domain expertise helped us consolidate our publishing activities and to streamline our processes. The resulting system not only provides a higher quality product and enhanced customer satisfaction, it also has helped reduce the costs associated with publishing content to multiple mediums.

Jim McDonald, CEO of Breakingnews.com, PV Media Group (www.breakingnews.com):

Working with DPCI on such a tight timeline to launch a site of this complexity has been remarkable. From the moment we began working with them, their attention to our specific needs and acumen for cutting edge technology has far exceeded our expectations.

Roger Hirschkind, Director of IT, Scientific American:

DPCI quickly helped us distill our organization's specific needs for digital asset management. DPCI's subject matter expertise with Digital Asset Management helped us not only identify the appropriate vendor, but more importantly, provided us a way of thinking about implementing digital asset management that will help us get the most out of our investment.

Sean Oakes, Sean Oakes Studios:

DPCI managed to assemble a complex site in record time.  Despite the project's compressed timeframe, the quality of their work was exceptional.  Best of all, they made our front-end design look terrific.  I look forward to collaborating with them again.

Michael Mainiero, Director of Web Services, New York University Langone Medical Center:

The DPCI team understood the challenges of the project and delivered exceptional results.  We look forward to working with them on other projects in the future.

Sarah Cambria, Account Supervisor, Arnold Worldwide:

DPCI not only understood our client's needs, but more importantly helped frame the entire DAM strategy that ultimately guided the RFP and vendor selection process.

Maggie Carbonnel, Manager of Consumer Marketing and Collateral, Royal Caribbean/Celebrity Cruise Lines:

DPCI’s understanding of DAM was critical to ascertaining which vendor was the right fit for us. We now have a focused strategy that will allow us to leverage DAM to empower our network of travel agencies and affiliates to create a range of marketing campaigns that will support our sales operations on a global basis.

Sal Alfano, Editorial Director, Hanley Wood:

The conversion to InDesign and K4 has revolutionized the way our editorial and art teams work, but the transition hasn’t been easy. As with any major initiative, there has been lots of uncertainty and some unforeseen consequences. Throughout the conversion, we have relied on DPCI to help us through the rough spots. With technology projects like this, the software and hardware usually get all the attention, but none of it works without the right people. The staff at DPCI are about as easy to work with as a tech vendor can be.

Sean McKenzie, Senior Director, Marketing Business Applications & Brand Asset Management, Comcast Cable Corporation:

DPCI has been a true pleasure to work with. Their willingness to modify their approach and work environment to best fit the culture and needs of our organization has helped ensure the success of all our engagements.

For the past 5 years I have learned a tremendous amount from the Staff at DPCI and have come to rely on them as my trusted advisor. Whether it be document or asset management, creative versioning or process re-engineering, the entire Staff at DPCI has proven to be an invaluable asset to myself and the Marketing Communications and Brand teams here at Comcast.

Steve Spink, Sotheby's:

DPCI delivered an XML multi-channel publishing solution that enables us to standardize on a single format for both print and web publishing.

Jon Schupp, Vice President, Corbis:

The RFP process that DPCI managed for our client was an extremely well-managed process from our point of view. The DPCI team's thoroughness gave us a great opportunity to show off the full range of what we can do.

Brendan Tween, Cossette USA:

I’m very happy and my customer is very happy. DPCI did a tremendous amount of due diligence and spent a great deal of time at our client observing how they worked. They made the transition from paper a far easier process than it might have been.

Larry Tunks, Congressional Quarterly:

When we began the implementation phase of our Pagination project and DPCI was selected as the integrator, we set the mutual goals of successful technology integration and the establishment of an ongoing strategic relationship between our two companies. DPCI staff approached these goals with a confidence and an authoritative discipline that was instrumental in our success. I have always ascribed to the proposition that it is the players on the field that lead to successes and you certainly put your best team forward.

Mark Rice, Graphic Systems:

DPCI is fast and responsive to everything we ask for.

Jeff Fass, VNU USA:

We have worked with DPCI over the past five years using their support services for integration and development. DPCI really knows the publishing business, has great resources, and a terrific response time whenever we need them. Our company has used similar publishing technology companies and we can honestly say DPCI has been the best integration partner we've had.

Peter MacLeod, Fast Company:

DPCI delivered a solution which has improved the way we deliver our content online.

Steve Greenberg, Publishers Clearing House:

With DPCI, we saved over $3 million in one year with workflow automation.

Jonathan Angier, Duke University:

Our previous system offered minimal flexibility and was cumbersome to use, oftentimes impacting our ability to hit publishing deadlines. Through the implementation of K4, DPCI enabled us to modernize our workflow operations, tightly integrate editorial and production activities, and most importantly put out quality journalism for our readers. In the end, DPCI has allowed us to publish more accurately and quickly, saving us production hours each day.

John Dougherty, Hachette Filipacchi Media:

Working with DPCI on our DAM project has been such a pleasure. They’ve helped in every phase: strategy, discovery, selection, pilot, assessment, refinement, and rollout. The DPCI team makes a real point of understanding the use cases, discussing and testing them thoroughly until we reach a consensus on how to proceed. Yet the process has been quick because we haven’t had to do much backtracking. There have been some magical moments of technological inspiration. It has all been enveloped in a sturdy and conscientious process. I’ve gotten spoiled into thinking that ’on time and on budget’ is the norm.

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