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A/B Testing (see Multivariate Testing) - A process by which more than one component of a Website may be tested in a live environment. Companies perform A/B testing to determine which versions of a piece of content will perform better. This can include which will generate more page views, or which will 'convert' the reader to an action.

A/B testing requires some analytics appliance to measure. Most products like Google Analytics, Omniture, and Nielsen Net Ratings have functionality that allow for A/B testing.

AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) - A group of technologies that allows for the development of rich and efficient internet applications. AJAX enables data on a Web page to be changed (in response to user input or otherwise) without the browser agent having to reload the entire page. In most cases, JavaScript is used to request data (usually in XML format) from the Web server and dynamically display that content within the current document.

Apache HTTP Server - An open source Web server developed by the Apache Software Foundation available for most operating systems including Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows. Apache is currently the most widely used Web server in the world.

Many modules are available to extend Apache's functionality to include programming languages, enhanced security, and various file system access. Microsoft's Internet Information Services is Apache HTTP Server's largest competitor.

Application Server - Framework that manages the complete processing and delivery of an application. Application Servers rely on server-side dynamic processing and database interactions. An Application server can manage database, Web server, and processing languages in one package. Some common application servers are .NET, J2EE, Ruby on Rails, and Apache integrated with PHP.

Article - A folio file in the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite contains articles. Each article inside a folio can contain one or more InDesign documents. The term "stacks" were used during the pre-release of the DPS. Stacks are now reffered to as "Articles." You can think of articles as the logical way you would break up a publication for navigation on a tablet device; Cover, Feature, Arts & Entertainment, etc...

BABOK (Business Analyst Body of Knowledge) - BABOK is a compilation of the sum of knowledge within the profession of Business Analysis of information that codifies best practices currently available to business analyst professionals. The BABOK describes business analysis areas of knowledge with their associated activities, tasks, skills and templates necessary to effectively execute business analysis services.

Berners-Lee, Tim - Tim Berners-Lee is the founder of the World Wide Web and the man we all owe a debt of gratitude to. Mr. Berners-Lee developed his concepts for the Web while working at CERN research facility in the late 1980's, which had thousands of transient scientists working on many projects over a large space. His concept was to link everyone's research and content through the use of standard communication protocols.

Mr. Berners-Lee invented the Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), or rather, derived it from SGML. He also wrote the specification for the uniform resource identifier (URI), which is ostensibly the address of any content node anywhere. He also invented an early line-mode Web browser on a NeXT computer workstation, mainly to demonstrate his concepts to whomever would give him audience.

However, Mr. Berners-Lee greatest legacy is his breakthrough conception that he could link all human knowledge in digital form by leveraging Ted Nelson's notion of HyperText linking of content nodes across the entirety of the Internet framework, which was already in existence at the time.

 It was left to other more commercial-minded people like Marc Andreeson to create commercial-grade Web browsers that would exploit the power of the Web. Had Mr. Berners-Lee patented or licensed his inventions, he could very well have been the wealthiest man our civilization has ever known, but it is a testament to his greatness that he has -- to this date -- never directly profited commercially from the multi-trillion dollar platform that is the World Wide Web.

It is likely that hundreds of years from now, Mr. Berners-Lee will be remembered as the Johannes Gutenberg of digital publishing.

Bounce Rate - Bounce rate is defined as the percentage of visitors who arrive to any page on a Web site, then leave immediately from that site without going any deeper into the site.

Business Requirements Definition - A study done to define exactly what a company's business needs are for a given software implementation. The BRD report offers a prioritized list of problems to solve, and may additionally offer a high-level logical solution in the form of drawings and a narrative.

Business Rules - A set of codified restrictions on how data may be entered, edited, related, and represented within a data management system. Every company has its own distinct set of business rules. The degree of complexity in a data management implementation is proportional to the amount of effort placed in defining business rules.

Buytaert, Dries - Dries Buytaert is the founder of the Drupal project movement as well as Mollom. He currently is the chief technical officer at Acquia.

CAPTCHA - CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing Test to tell Computers and Humans Apart) is a program that generates a graphic with a distorted string of alphanumeric characters that a human can type into a form field but a computer-generated program cannot read and interpret. This is a splendid and low/no cost way to test whether a contributor to a site is indeed human.

CAPTCHA does not ensure that the human is a nice person that will contribute in a positive way to the site, but it at least protects the site from automated programs built for malicious intentions.

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) - A stylesheet-based language used to style documents-most commonly xHTML and HTML. CSS is meant to separate content from presentation and to provide consistent styles throughout an entire application.

The CSS specification is maintained by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). Adoption was slow at first, but CSS 2.1 has now been widely adopted by all modern Web browser applications.

CCD (Charge Coupled Device) - An electronic light sensor used in digital capture devices.

Change Management - Change Management is a best practice project management approach to implementing changes within an organization. Those changes could be staffing, workflow, technology, even material/premise changes.

Collaborative (collaboration) Software - A broad term describing software that allows some form of communication between users. Collaborative (collaboration) software generally falls into management (scheduling, project management, social networking), conferencing (IM, forums, shared document workflow), or communication (email, wikis, voice mail) tools.

Compiler - A program that processes statements written in a particular programming language and turns them into machine language or object code.

Content - Intellectual property with intrinsic value that is stored for reuse. Content can be of any type, including including unstructured text, structured data, images, video, and documents from any number of application programs.

Content can be broken out into different types. For instance, an article can be a content type as can a BLOG, a survey/poll, a gallery/slideshow, and so on.

Ideally all of these items are stored in a central repository and a search appliance is used to retrieve them.

Content Management System (CMS) - A software platform used to create, manage, and present intellectual property (content) across different publishing channels. These channels include but are not limited to Web/Internet, Print formats, and mobile devices.

Type of software programs that allow organizations to publish Website content more effectively are called Web Content Management Systems (WCMS).

Some companies build internal applications to manage catalog data for the purpose of publishing to Web, Print, etc. These systems are alternately called Catalog Management Systems and "Content Management Systems." while they have the charactistics of content management, the phrase catalog management is more descriptive and should be used. When that data is delivered to a Website for the purpose of selling products, the phrase "E-Commerce System" is more appropriate. 

Author's note: Acronyms are proliferating in the realm of technology, some driven by need, others by sales and marketing. DPCI recommends keeping it simple by using the term or keyphrase that is most specific to the objectives that the technology is meant to achieve.

Copyleft - A legal term that specifies that anyone who redistributes software, with or without changes, must pass along the freedom to further copy and change it. Copyleft is a critical characteristic of the GNU General Public License Agreement that much of the open source community has embraced.


Working with DPCI on our DAM project has been a pleasure. They’ve helped in every phase: strategy, discovery, selection, pilot, assessment, refinement, and rollout.
John Dougherty
Hachette Filipacchi Media
With the K4 implementation, DPCI enabled us to modernize our workflow operations, tightly integrate editorial and production activities, and most importantly put out quality journalism for our readers.
Jonathan Angier
Duke University
With DPCI, we saved over $3 million in one year with a new workflow automation system.
Steve Greenberg
Publishers Clearing House
DPCI delivered a solution which has improved the way we deliver our content online.
Peter MacLeod
Fast Company
We have worked with DPCI over the past 5 years for support, integration and development. DPCI really knows the publishing business, has great resources, and a terrific response time whenever we need them. We have used similar publishing technology companies and can honestly say DPCI has been the best integration partner we've had.
Jeff Fass
DPCI is fast and responsive to everything we ask for.
Mark Rice
Graphic Systems
DPCI staff approached our goals with a confidence and an authoritative discipline that was instrumental in our success. I have always ascribed to the proposition that it is the players on the field that lead to successes and you certainly put your best team forward.
Larry Tunks
Congressional Quarterly
I’m very happy and my customer is very happy. DPCI did a tremendous amount of due diligence and spent a great deal of time at our client observing how they worked. They made the transition from paper a far easier process than it might have been.
Brendan Tween
Cossette USA
The RFP process that DPCI managed for our client was an extremely well-managed process from our point of view. The DPCI team's thoroughness gave us a great opportunity to show off the full range of what we can do.
Jon Schupp
DPCI delivered an XML multi-channel publishing solution that enables us to standardize on a single format for both print and web publishing.
Steve Spink
DPCI has been a true pleasure to work with. Their willingness to modify their approach and work environment to best fit the culture and needs of our organization has helped ensure the success of all our engagements.
Sean McKenzie
Comcast Cable Corporation
With technology projects, the software and hardware usually get all the attention, but none of it works without the right people. DPCI is about as easy to work with as a tech vendor can be.
Sal Alfano
Hanley Wood
DPCI’s understanding of DAM was critical to ascertaining which vendor was the right fit for us and for helping us to define a focused DAM strategy.
Maggie Carbonnel
Royal Caribbean/Celebrity Cruise Lines
DPCI not only understood our client's needs, but more importantly helped frame the entire DAM strategy that ultimately guided the RFP and vendor selection process.
Sarah Cambria
Arnold Worldwide
The DPCI team understood the challenges of the project and delivered exceptional results. We look forward to working with them on other projects in the future.
Michael Mainiero
New York University Langone Medical Center
DPCI managed to assemble a complex site in record time. Despite the compressed timeframe, their quality of work was exceptional. Best of all, they made our front-end design look terrific. I look forward to collaborating with them again.
Sean Oakes
Sean Oakes Studios
DPCI quickly helped us distill our organization's specific needs for digital asset management. DPCI's subject matter expertise helped us not only identify the appropriate vendor, but more importantly, provided us a way of thinking about implementing DAM that will help us get the most out of our investment.
Roger Hirschkind
Scientific American
Working with DPCI on such a tight timeline to launch a site of this complexity has been remarkable. From the moment we began working with them, their attention to our needs and acumen for cutting edge technology has far exceeded our expectations.
Jim McDonald
PV Media Group (
DPCI’s domain expertise helped us consolidate our publishing activities and streamline our processes. The new system not only provides a higher quality product and enhanced customer satisfaction, it also has helped reduce the costs associated with publishing content to multiple mediums.
Mike Child
They have a proven track record of turning my ideas into reality, and suggesting a few of their own. I have worked with DPCI for more than ten, very successful, years.
Robert Cacace
Alliance for Children and Families
I’ve turned to DPCI many times for help with complex digital publishing projects. Their team always makes me feel like I’m working with a partner — not a vendor.
Chris Herring
NBC Universal
DPCI delivered exactly what was defined and asked of them. Their project manager was very accessible and understood the desired outcome of the project.
Anna Murray
TimeOut New York
Thank you DPCI for all your help. Your knowledge and skills are exceptional, and we would recommend DPCI's services to anyone. It's been a real pleasure working with you, and we look forward to the next opportunity to work with DPCI again.
Anita Osterhaug
Interweave Press
Following DPCI's proven methodology of careful requirements gathering, process and resource evaluation, and analysis, DPCI helped us transform the publishing infrastructure. more
Alex Lorberg
Daily Racing Form
Simply put, DPCI provides more than development and integration services. They are a high-performing, strategic partner that helps SGS win in the marketplace. They are superlative in their class against their competition, regularly scoring higher in our annual assessments. more
Douglas Liles
Southern Graphics Systems
DPCI has turned several of our complex proposals into flawless websites. They really understand our needs and it's refreshing to collaborate with such a skillful and reliable team.
Daniel Wild
New York University Langone Medical Center
Working with DPCI has enabled us to utilize cutting edge technology without complexity and empowers the entire team at the Department of Pathology with new tools to deliver insightful research, patient information, and educational programs. The new site rocks.
David B. Roth
New York University Langone Medical Center
DPCI’s subject matter expertise helped us to design a scalable publishing solution to meet our ever-changing direct marketing and customer communication needs.
Sean McKenzie
Comcast Cable Corporation
With the assistance of DPCI in the implementation of the K4 Publishing System version 6, we were able to reduce production time and take a book that was going to be late to press and actually turn it around on time. DPCI has been a great partner for VHL to help us transform the way we bring our books to market.
Marta Kimball
Vista Higher Learning
DPCI was an essential partner in the successful completion of our enterprise content management project.
Craig Anderson
Publishers Clearing House
DPCI helped us get up and running with our Drupal donation processing system. They set us up with a sound framework and process that has served us well to this day. They have been a key partner in our success.
Sean Powell
Production Management Group
The new content management system rollout was the best technology release I have ever experienced.
Leela de Kretser
From guiding us through the requirements phase and developing the system, to helping manage the initiative, DPCI has been a great partner for us. The new content management system implementation was a huge project that has been a major success.
Marque Staneluis
The new content management system allows us to do our work faster. Editors can now focus on writing and enriching stories, rather than spending time fighting with an inefficient system.
Jim Scott
DPCI's knowledge and understanding of our needs saved us countless hours of frustration and testing in dealing with the entitlement process. Our App was submitted to Apple on time only because of their involvement.
Mike Shoemaker
Cities West Publishing
As a result of the terrific work conducted by DPCI staff on our analysis project, we will be looking to them to assist us with future initiatives.
Aiden Colie
Scholastic Inc.
DPCI's domain expertise, guidance and professionalism helped us to meet our Website redesign goals. more
Frank Costello
MPA - The Association of Magazine Media
DPCI has been great to work with. The training and service they provide is top-notch. Customer support is amazing, they get back to you quick and get your questions answered.
Maryanne Stebbins
I found DPCI to be a true resource and business partner. The personal attention, responsiveness, expertise, and professionalism they provided me and my team were outstanding. This project would not have been done as quickly or as successfully without DPCI’s participation.
Wayne Vincent
McGraw-Hill Education
What a great learning experience! DPCI held our hand throughout the entire process, consulted on and researched any specific issues we had, customized the training and consultation to fit our particular needs, and were always available to us when we needed their help.
Kim Duclos
National Student Clearinghouse
I would absolutely recommend DPCI as a resource for supporting first-time publishers to publish their apps, as well as to provide ongoing support. This is a world where products and processes require frequent updates due to evolving technology.
Eileen Cunningham
Diablo Custom Publishing
The DPCI team has worked well with our technology-challenged staff for nearly ten years. Joozer Tohfafarosh and his team have provided much-needed expertise and are willing to be flexible based on our budget, schedule and operational needs.
Judith Michael
Jobson Healthcare Information (JHI)
DPCI provided swift response, training, and consultation on our rapidly changing requirements, allowing us to better mobilize volunteers to meet the most pressing needs of the community.
Steve Streicher
New York Cares
Overall I am very satisfied with the degree of training I received from DPCI. Their timely support and guidance on troubleshooting questions and issues as they arose was immaculate and highly professional.
Barry Costa
University of Connecticut
The DPCI team was very patient with me as I was learning. Anton clearly answered my questions and helped me as I struggled through until things “clicked.” The information he gave me helped me clearly understand the key DPS features in InDesign.
Colleen Casper
The International Society of Automation (ISA)
DPCI was key to the successful and timely creation of our first Adobe DPS app. The DPCI team is not only responsive and knowledgeable, but they were extremely patient and helpful in revising our app to meet our business needs while adhering to Apple’s app approval requirements.
Anne Jackley
Working with DPCI to simplify our production workflow not only saved our editors countless hours of work. It has been a critical step in future-proofing the magazine's content formats for new digital products.
Lynda Hammes
Foreign Affairs
DPCI is one of the best full service web design companies I have ever worked with. Their team's open, but investigatory perspective put the user experience at the center of the development focus for our site redesign; without sacrificing our staff's needs on the content management side. more
Sandy Jimenez
MPA - The Association of Magazine Media
DPCI prototyped and rolled out an iOS version of our magazine and worked with our team to integrate this into our editorial and production processes. We have come to rely on DPCI’s judgment and expertise. They have become a valuable resource and an important extension of our team. more
Kathy Marrone
The McCall Pattern Company

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