DPCI Implements vjoon K4 for the National Education Association

NEA hired DPCI to implement vjoon K4, a publishing platform that works in conjunction with Adobe Creative Cloud to allow editors, designers, and production professionals to collaborate more effectively.

NEA Magazine Covers

The National Education Association (NEA) is the nation’s largest professional employee organization, committed to advancing the cause of public education. NEA's 3 million members work at every level of education—from pre-school to university graduate programs. NEA has affiliate organizations in every state and in more than 14,000 communities across the United States.

NEA Today magazine is the flagship publication of the NEA. Delivered quarterly to educators nationwide, the publication explores today’s toughest teaching challenges and solutions. Additionally, the organization publishes NEA Today for NEA–Retired Members, NEA Today for Future Educators, Higher Education Advocate, and a number of other distinct titles. Some of the content is shared across publications, but a good deal of content is distinct for each title.

As demand increased with the addition of new titles and more content both in print and in digital editions, the NEA needed to optimize editorial and production workflow. Additionally, NEA needed a way to improve its remote collaboration with Groff Creative, the organization's design and production agency based in Bethesda, MD. 

NEA sought a workflow management system that would allow Groff Creative an optimal way to create layouts in InDesign with associated article 'shells' that NEA staff writers and editors could then pass through internal workflow concurrently to Groff's design and production process.

NEA hired DPCI to implement vjoon K4, a publishing platform that works in conjunction with Adobe Creative Cloud to allow editors, designers, and production professionals to collaborate more effectively. 

DPCI consultants, led by DPCI Founder Joe Bachana, met with the NEA's editorial, design, and production staff onsite in Washington, DC to review existing workflow, along with any challenges the teams were facing.

The DPCI team gathered requirements for the system, helped identify impediments in the current publishing workflow and offered suggestions on how to improve the process with a K4 status-based workflow. DPCI also helped NEA define its metadata needs across text and image content, as well as the organization's permissions/security model across multiple titles.

Next, DPCI partnered with Scott Dunn of Flux Consulting, Inc., a longstanding colleague, to install vjoon K4 onsite at NEA. Scott also provided K4 administrator training to the NEA IT staff charged with maintaining the platform onsite.

DPCI then configured the K4 system in accordance with the publishing requirements, then returned back to NEA offices to present the prototype solution to the publishing staff for feedback. Based on that feedback, DPCI progressively modified the configuration until NEA staff agreed that it would meet their needs.

DPCI returned back several times to the NEA offices in Washington, DC to provide both K4 system administration and end-user training. DPCI also guided NEA staff in the best practices for creation and usage of InDesign and InCopy templates for standard page layouts to rapidly produce content.

To help ensure a smooth rollout, DPCI provided on-site and remote support to end users, Groff Creative, and NEA system administrators as they produced the first issues of NEA Today using vjoon K4. Additionally DPCI created reference sheets that editorial, design and production staff could use as guides when first learning K4. Thereafter, DPCI helped NEA refine configurations for all other titles in publication, including NEA Today for NEA–Retired Members and the Higher Education Advocate.

Vjoon K4 provides NEA staff with the much needed visibility into what other team members are working on throughout the editorial production process. The K4 platform is flexible, configurable and scalable, allowing NEA to use the same tools and technology for production of all of the organization's print magazines.

Editorial staff can now work seamlessly with Groff, NEA's design partner, to publish the organization's magazines more efficiently through the use of vjoon K4. DPCI and Flux Consulting, Inc. continue to help support NEA and Groff with end user and technical support as well as software and feature upgrades of the platform.

"We had a great experience with DPCI throughout the project, from requirements meetings, to system prototyping, training and rollout of Vjoon K4. We appreciate the ongoing attention they have given us and look forward to continuing to get the most out of our investment in K4." - Earline Spence, Production Manager, NEA Communications