Drupal Commerce

Drupal Commerce is an open-source eCommerce framework created by the Commerce Guys that extends the capabilities of the Drupal content management system. Version 1.0 was released in 2011 and today more than 50,000 sites are using the suite of modules to support their eCommerce platform. It is the ideal eCommerce framework offering the possibility to create simple or complex platforms in an efficient manageable way that can adapt to projects of all sizes and budgets.

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  • Drupal Commerce Back Office
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Drupal Commerce is based on the Drupal CMS and extends its native capabilities. Thus, it connects products and content in an efficient way to help increase online sales and provide a flawless user experience


Based on Drupal, Drupal Commerce is flexible and easy to configure to fit your business needs. Today it is the most flexible eCommerce solution available and is ideal for any type of product that requires unique payment models. There is no limit or fees for the number of products, transactions, or traffic that other eCommerce solutions might mandate.

Easy to Use

Drupal Commerce provides all the tools to administer and customize the product workflow, making it easy to use for non-technical personnel. One of the advantages of Drupal Commerce is the simple and efficient use of the backoffice thanks to Drupal, making it very easy to customize and maintain the eCommerce platform.

Open Source

Drupal Commerce is an open source framework, benefiting from a large community. With more than a million users, Drupal is the most used CMS in the world to create websites. It reduces the cost for businesses while providing quality, speed, and security


Drupal Commerce is customizable, extensible, and can adapt to business changes thanks to feature-rich third party modules. Thousands of themes and modules already exist, allowing small and big businesses to associate the flexibility of Drupal with the strength of Drupal Commerce.