Business Requirements

One of the strengths of Drupal is its flexibility – the Web content management system can be extended to meet nearly any requirement. The challenge, then, is determining your specific needs for your Drupal site.

At the outset of a project, the DPCI project manager and technical lead will meet with your key stakeholders to determine the goals for the project. We will review your current site and any documented requirements for the new site, and then brainstorm with you to flesh out all of the requirements for the new site – how it will work, how information will be presented, detailed workflows, and other critical details. DPCI’s role in this process is to help you imagine a site that will achieve and surpass your business objectives.

After the initial discovery meetings, DPCI will document the business requirements for your Drupal site so that they can be circulated, validated, and approved. This documentation outlines the scope of the project and will guide the rest of the initiative. All parties will approve the business requirements documentation before any design or development begins. Once the business requirements are finalized, the next step is translating those business requirements into technical requirements and system design.