Planning a Drupal Website

At DPCI, we believe that the best web platforms aren't always created because of good technology. They're created because great care went into capturing the nuances of a customer's online business needs.

DPCI offers Drupal consulting services for organizations that need to hire a company that not only has Drupal expertise but also subject matter expertise on how content technologies should work together. While some companies like to hire consultants to 'build-as-you-go' which often results in rework and lost time and money, our customers like the way DPCI helps elicit functional requirements, rules, and usability needs of the new site or brand. Our credo in this regard: "Measure twice, cut once."

DPCI applies its comprehensive approach to helping organizations elicit then document their business and functional requirements for each Drupal implementation. Our subject matter experts have developed best practices, methods and templates to support a more rapid and thorough documenting of our customers’ needs as mapped to the capabilities of Drupal. We put particular emphasis on helping companies integrate Drupal with other important business systems and content technologies like CRM, editorial workflow management systems, digital asset management systems, and multi-channel delivery technologies to print, Web, mobile, and tablet devices.

Read more about how we can help plan your Drupal site through requirements analysis, technical specifications, wireframes and information architecture.