The EnterMedia Advantage

EnterMedia DAM is a full-featured, enterprise-quality software platform, designed to create, manage and deliver large, centralized rich media libraries to increase maximum efficiency throughout organizations. EnterMedia is distributed with complete open source code and SDK. In addition to its digital asset management capabilities, EnterMedia has a Java REST API for integration with other key systems and for customizing the solution to each client's particular needs. 

Key Features and Benefits:

Core Features
  • XMP and IPTC
    Read and write common metadata schemas like IPTC, Dublin Core, and other custom XMP metadata schemas
  • Drag & Drop Upload
    Upload files right within your browser using drag & drop.
  • Versioning
    Automatically version files when edited
  • Automated Image & Video Conversions
    Automatically convert images or videos to other formats or settings
  • Multi-Record Editing
    Edit metadata for several records at once
  • Dynamic Search Query Builder
    Add any available metadata field to your search query on-the-fly
  • Thesaurus
    Searches and collects synonyms. Displays recommended and related search terms.
  • Saved Searches
    Save common search queries to run at any time
  • Watermarking
    Protect your copyrighted images
  • Batch Upload/Download
    Upload or download entire collections at once
  • Multilingual Support
File Formats
  • Photos
    No client software licenses or server licenses.
  • Camera RAW
    Use EnterMedia as your repository for your Camera RAW images
  • Adobe PDF
    Store and preview and view Adobe PDFs
  • Microsoft Office
    Store and preview Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents.
  • OpenOffice & LibreOffice
    Store and preview Open Document formats
  • Video Support
    Store and transcode video for formats like MPEG4, H.264, WMV, WebM and many more formats
  • Audio Support
    Store and preview audio files for all of your popular formats like MP3, WAV, AAC, and more
  • Many more…
    EnterMedia can store any type of file-type you can imagine 
Licensing and Users
  • No license
    No client software licenses or server licenses
  • Unlimited Users
    No limits on the number of users that have access to the system 
  • Granular Permissions
    Set restrictions on content for only authorized users
  • Cross-Platform
    Linux, Windows, OS X, Solaris
  • 100% Web Based
    Full support for all popular browsers, no client license needed
  • Scalability
    Clustering, Fail-over and load distribution across servers using ElasticSearch
  • Rest API
    Integrate third-party applications to interact with EnterMedia
  • LDAP Support
    Authenticate users with a pre-existing LDAP server or with EnterMedia's own user and group system
  • Store over 200 file types
    EnterMedia supports all of the popular image, video, audio, and document formats

DPCI's EnterMedia Service Packages