Our EnterMedia Experience

DPCI has implemented EnterMedia for publishers, news and media companies, startups and other organizations since 2009. In addition to implementing EnterMedia as a stand-alone digital asset management system, we have helped our customers connect EnterMedia with different content technology solutions such as Web content management (CMS), workflow management, and multi-channel publishing platforms for an integrated, holistic approach to content management. Working alongside the folks at EnterMedia, DPCI continues to push the boundaries of what digital asset management can do for your organization.

DPCI has created connectors that allow other business systems to use EnterMedia as the content repository, ensuring that all of your content technology systems are pulling the right assets at the right time.


The EMBridge module, created and maintained by DPCI, extends the image management functionality of Drupal by connecting it to EnterMedia to search and publish rich media on a Website. EMBridge allows users to work directly within the Drupal interface to search, upload and manage assets and metadata stored within the EnterMedia system

Digital Flywheel

DPCI's Digital Flywheel multi-channel publishing platform allows organizations to dynamically generate Adobe InDesign layouts using Adobe InDesign Server. EnterMedia is used on the back-end to store and manage versions of page templates and images. From the Digital Flywheel Web interface, users can search EnterMedia, then select and place images on the InDesign layout

Integrate with Adobe Bridge and Adobe Lightroom

EnterMedia's full support of Adobe XMP allows for simple integration with Adobe Bridge and Adobe Lightroom. Photographers and creative staff can tag assets using familiar tools and have the peace of mind that content along with the metadata is stored within the EnterMedia repository

Integrate with vjoon K4 Publishing Platform

DPCI also provides integration of EnterMedia with vjoon K4 Publishing Platform, an editorial workflow system for InDesign and InCopy users. Users can select images from the EnterMedia interface and instantly have the image selections pushed into the K4 workflow for their publication production

DPCI's EnterMedia Service Packages