Higher Education

EnterMedia Consulting

EnterMedia is an enterprise-ready open-source digital asset management (DAM) solution to track, manage and share photos, videos, and other document formats online. EnterMedia is a Java-based platform distributed with complete open source code and SDK. Using EnterMedia's Java REST API, DPCI has implemented and enhanced EnterMedia to integrate with Web content management systems and multi-channel publishing solutions, providing customers with an interface to easily retrieve and associate images with other content for publishing to multiple media.

CTO-for-Hire Consulting

DPCI is a leader in content technology consulting for companies that publish to multiple media. Led by our CEO, Joe Bachana, this service unit has helped global clients identify underlying organizational hurdles that have prevented them from being successful, then work to define successful strategic technology roadmaps.

Front End Development Toolbox

Front-End development involves a portfolio of modern technologies to give a site the flawless look and feel that we have all come to expect when visiting web sites on desktop and mobile devices. Frameworks, libraries, and compiling tools are a good example of types of technologies that help us build great websites with a flawless experience in an efficient, well thought out manner. In addition to these tools we rely on the modern languages supported by browsers across the world.

vjoon K4 Consulting

k4 slideshow image
vjoon K4 is an editorial workflow management system, built within the Adobe Creative Cloud framework, that is used by editors, designers, and production professionals to collaborate more effectively. DPCI helps organizations optimize their investment in the vjoon K4 Publishing System. DPCI also helps companies upgrade K4 to version 10 from earlier versions.

Drupal Training and Support

DPCI trainers provide custom, hands-on Drupal instruction in content creation, administration and maintenance tasks at the beginning of the User Acceptance Testing phase, and then will continue to provide mentoring and support during testing and content remediation. Our goal is to help your team to gain proficiency with the new system while ensuring that the Website is ready for launch.