Digital Flywheel 1.0 Launched

New York, NY - February 3, 2003 - DPCI today announced the release of Digital Flywheel, an application that allows users to review, modify, and automatically create print-ready materials through a Web browser.

"Digital Flywheel represents years of research and development into how companies need to distribute workflow around creative materials," said Joseph Bachana, president and CEO of DPCI, a professional services firm that builds multi-channel publishing solutions. "We've built an easy-to-use tool that will help marketers, ad agencies, and publishers a better way to collaborate on materials without needing desktop software expertise"

Digital Flywheel's Value Proposition

With Digital Flywheel, many popular functions available within QuarkXPress and InDesign are now callable from a WebTop interface. The concept behind Digital Flywheel is to create design rich document templates using QuarkXPress or InDesign and then to store these templates on a Web accessible server.

Digital Flywheel's Architecture

Digital Flywheel is built using both Adobe InDesign Server and QuarkServer technologies. Digital Flywheel supports Web Services via Microsoft .NET technologies, and manages application requests using XML technology. The front end interface is pure AJAX/Web2.0 to allow an optimal end user experience.


Digital Flywheel, as well as QuarkServer and Adobe InDesign Server, may be purchased directly from DPCI .

About DPCI

DPCI is an interactive technology agency that delivers integrated content management solutions for organizations that need to publish content to Web, print, mobile and e-reader devices. DPCI helps customers design and implement Web Content Management Systems, Digital Asset Management, Online Collaboration Software, Multi-Channel Systems, Workflow Management solutions, and recently, Semantic technologies. DPCI serves customers throughout the United States, including the United Nations, ESPN, Mitre, McGraw-Hill Education, Raymond Corporation, and Royal Caribbean Inc.

DPCI Media Contact

Tracy Gardner
DPCI Public Relations