DPCI Announces the EMBridge Module for Drupal

DPCI creates a module to integrate Drupal Web Content Management System with EnterMedia Digital Asset Management System

New York, NY - July 11, 2011 - DPCI, a provider of integrated technology solutions for organizations that need to publish content to Web, print, and mobile channels, today announced the release of EMBridge, a module that extends the image management functionalities of Drupal by connecting it to EnterMedia, an open-source digital asset management system distributed under the GNU General Public License, used to search, manage, reuse, and track all digital files.

The EMBridge Module, which is an open-source Drupal module created and maintained by DPCI, integrates Drupal Web content management with EnterMedia digital asset management, allowing organizations to use the familiar Drupal content creation interface to interact with images, video, audio and interactive files, all stored within EnterMedia’s repository.

The EMBridge module is not only a powerful way to extend Drupal’s capabilities for searching and publishing rich media on a Website, it also gives users a way to tap into the power of EnterMedia’s digital asset management system for uploading and managing assets such as images, video, audio and interactive object files and their associated metadata. This rich functionality can all be accessed directly from within Drupal’s content creation interface without having to jump out to the desktop or another application interface.

For organizations that publish to multiple channels (Web, print, Mobile device, tablet, etc), the EMBridge integration allows content editors a way to batch upload, modify, store and retrieve multiple related assets that can be used for those different output channels. This translates to a more holistic approach for multi-channel publishing than the customary Web-only approach currently in place with so many Drupal implementations.

Additionally, with EMBridge, Drupal users can now instantly search across physical metadata properties as well as extended asset metadata, such as EXIF, XMP or IPTC, captured by EnterMedia on asset upload. Further, visual search is dramatically improved with the EnterMedia integration, since now Drupal users can look for assets more easily by browsing thumbnail views.

“DPCI has generously developed and open-sourced a powerful Drupal module for building media rich web sites,” stated Christopher Burkey, President of EnterMedia Software and the Founder of the EnterMedia project. “This module uses EnterMedia as a centralized media server providing automatic thumbnail and video proxy generation. We look forward to seeing the amazing enterprise level portals, galleries, and other media rich web sites the Drupal community creates.”

“DPCI’s central mandate has always been to help companies converge content technologies – including Web content management, editorial workflow management, digital asset management, Semantic enrichment and multi-channel publishing software,” said Joseph Bachana, President and Founder of DPCI. “For our customers, Web content management and digital asset management systems not only have to co-exist but must interoperate so that corporations can optimize the creation, enrichment, management and delivery of content across media channels. Thus it made perfect sense for us to integrate Drupal and EnterMedia, two open-source projects, for the good of all companies that need to improve the way in which content editors access rich media for reuse.”

The EMBridge module currently supports Drupal version 6 and EnterMedia Software version 7.5. DPCI pledges to have EMBridge Drupal 7-ready by Summer, 2011. For more information on the module and to download the software please go to the project page on Drupal.org.

About DPCI

DPCI is an interactive technology agency that delivers integrated content management solutions for organizations that need to publish content to Web, print, mobile and e-reader devices. DPCI helps customers design and implement Web Content Management Systems, Digital Asset Management, Online Collaboration Software, Multi-Channel Systems, Workflow Management solutions, and recently, Semantic technologies. DPCI serves customers throughout the United States, including the United Nations, ESPN, Mitre, McGraw-Hill Education, Raymond Corporation, and Royal Caribbean Inc.

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About EnterMedia EnterMedia is an open source software company and creator of EnterMedia Digital Asset Management. A full-featured, enterprise-quality software platform, EnterMedia is designed to create and publish large, centralized rich media libraries to increase maximum efficiency and monetary investment. EnterMedia's clients include those needing to manage and distribute online video libraries, implement streamlined workflows in production environments and centralize rich media content locally as well as globally. Web: http://www.entermediasoftware.com