DPCI Delivers Interactive Content Management System for NYU Medical Center's Child Study Center

New York, NY - March 13, 2008 - DPCI, a provider of integrated technology solutions for organizations that need to publish content to Web, print, and mobile channels, today announced that it successfully launched a new Website for the Child Study Center at New York University powered by the Drupal Web content management system. With the new content management system, the Child Study Center now has an enhanced publishing platform allowing it to promote the latest articles, research, educational materials, and clinical care information related to child and adolescent psychiatric disorders.

The Child Study Center, founded by America's leading child and adolescent psychiatrist, Dr. Harold Koplewicz, serves patients from 41 states and 26 countries. To support the department's mission of education, research, and clinical care for child and adolescent psychiatric disorders, DPCI worked with the Child Study Center and the New York University Medical Center's Web Services team to re-launch the center's Website, AboutOurKids.org.

By customizing Drupal, DPCI provided a range of tools to automate the Child Study Center's publishing process. This included the capability to publish and archive all of its scholarly journal articles. Once the content management system was configured, DPCI migrated nearly 1,000 pages of original content from the department's previous static HTML site, including an A-to-Z disorder guide, Find a Doctor resources, and multimedia video clips.

According to Dr. Koplewicz, the new Website is a welcome change from the old Website, which required a time-consuming process to update, create, and publish new information online. "Our new Website is a one-stop resource for visitors searching for the latest information on child mental health issues," Koplewicz said. "We are excited to be able to provide the public with a comprehensive and user-friendly tool where parents, health professionals and educators can find exactly what they're looking for online, quickly and efficiently."

DPCI's customization of the Drupal system has given the Child Study Center the capability to publish and update its Website without the need for technical resources and associated costs. With the new content management system in place, the resources available at the Child Study Center's facilities in New York will now be accessible to people seeking information around the world. Visitors can search easily and find specific information about a broad range of disorders, treatments, and doctors.

"Compared to their previous process, the new Drupal content management system provides the Child Study Center with significantly more flexibility to publish a range of information," explained Tracy Gardner, Vice President Client Services at DPCI. "We believe these new ‘instant gratification' tools will improve the Child Study Center's online presence and visibility, giving them a powerful platform to share their very important work to a global audience."

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