Quark Dynamic Document Server Launched

Denver, CO - January 19, 2003 - Quark Inc. today announced the release of Quark Dynamic Document Server (QuarkDDS), an enterprise software application that provides a convenient way to view, edit, or create QuarkXPress pages and templates without QuarkXPress software or the fonts and graphics used in the original document. QuarkDDS software lets users create customized, design-rich documents on the fly -- using only a Web browser.

"Imagine being able to call QuarkXPress functions -- virtually all of them -- from a Web browser, and you can begin to conceive of the power of QuarkDDS," said Joseph Bachana, president and CEO of DPCI, a professional services firm that builds multi-channel publishing solutions. "It's fast, it's powerful, and it will change the way our customers manage and deliver their printed content."

Flexibility and Control

Using QuarkDDS, publishers can streamline document creation by shifting some production tasks to their consumers or users. Users can put their own content in modifiable fields in richly designed templates that contain approved design, color palettes, and typefaces. They can then review the page with their content, approve the final version for production, and output it in a variety of formats.

"QuarkDDS enables a complete new approach for print-product order and production processes," said Urs Felber, president of A&F Computersysteme AG. "This technology will trigger a small revolution in the printing industry. It certainly will affect most corporations that produce print products."

Custom Publishing Solutions

Each customer can create interfaces for QuarkDDS specific to his or her environment and intended use. Using trusted page layout technology, QuarkDDS provides a simple yet powerful way to create custom documents without sacrificing design or loosing control of painstakingly developed brand assets.

"QuarkDDS has allowed Cierant to deliver eCommUNIQUE Marcom Center, a robust, channel partner co-op ad development application that is easy-to-use and cost effective," said Jim Cioban, president and CEO of Cierant Corporation. "We believe that organizations with significant sales channels will be able to dramatically reduce the cost of partner support while increasing the quality and targeting of their messages through the use of products like QuarkDDS."

"We've selected QuarkDDS to support both our online and offline automated composition needs. QuarkDDS has proven to be a robust and extensible server-based composition product that enables us to generate graphically rich pages in a fully automated, rules-based environment, while producing documents that can also be edited manually using QuarkXPress when additional customization is required," said Leo Walker, vice president of composition at New England Business Service Inc. "The combination of efficiency and flexibility is critical to our ability to meet our customers' needs going forward. For both online and offline applications, we believe that QuarkDDS will help us maintain and extend our market leadership."


QuarkDDS can be purchased directly from Quark or from certified system integrators.

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DPCI is an interactive technology agency that delivers integrated content management solutions for organizations that need to publish content to Web, print, mobile and e-reader devices. DPCI helps customers design and implement Web Content Management Systems, Digital Asset Management, Online Collaboration Software, Multi-Channel Systems, Workflow Management solutions, and recently, Semantic technologies. DPCI serves customers throughout the United States, including the United Nations, ESPN, Mitre, McGraw-Hill Education, Raymond Corporation, and Royal Caribbean Inc.

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Quark, Inc. (quark.com) is a leading developer of tools and technologies for media-independent publishing. Quark has been providing award-winning software for professional publishing since its flagship product QuarkXPress changed the course of traditional publishing. Today, as QuarkXPress is used by more than two million customers around the world, Quark is developing the next generation of tools to let publishers create and manage content flexibly so it can be delivered anywhere at low cost. Founded in 1981, Denver-based Quark Inc. is privately held.

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