Web Content Management System Selection

With so many Web content management systems on the marketplace today, companies often have difficulty differentiating which product is the best fit for their needs. While great information exists on the Internet and from professional societies devoted to Web content management, the decision process has never been riskier.

The situation is compounded by the fact that some organizations have gone through one or two Web content management strategies with mixed results, so there is some apprehension about choosing the wrong Web content management system again. The good news is that most consumers in search of a Web content management system are better educated about selecting technology.

DPCI has extensive experience with Web content management systems 

The team at DPCI has extensive experience helping customers improve their decision process around Web content management system procurement. We remain actively involved in helping our customers avert common risks associated with Web content management system implementations.

Risks with Web content management system implementations include (but are not limited to):

  • Enforcing IT constraints,
  • Right-sizing the Web content management system architecture,
  • Attending to change management,
  • Promoting best-practice staffing around Web content management,
  • Documenting total cost of ownership along with the Web content management system business case,
  • Defining workflow.