DPCI Celebrates 21 Years!

On April 27th, 1999, Joseph Bachana filed for incorporation of Database Publishing Consultants, Inc. That night in an Urban Professional Basketball Tournament game, Mr. Bachana suffered a complete tear of his left Achilles tendon. The tendon was repaired a few days later, but the recovery period would take months.

Those who know Joe personally can agree that if there is one thing you can say about him, he has boundless energy. Since convalescence required that he stay home-bound, Joe focused all of his energy on laying down the groundwork for DPCI's streamlined operational infrastructure and unique business model, all from his living room on the Upper West side of Manhattan.

The model as it was back then and remains today was to deliver a full complement of technology consulting services around the planning and implementation of innovative content technologies. The very first projects we did back then included groundbreaking integrations of digital asset management, Web content management, and workflow management systems with state-of-the-art multichannel delivery technologies for print, mobile, and Web output.

Thankfully, content technologies have matured and so has DPCI's consulting and integration capabilities. First and foremost, we offer our customers the wisdom of these past twenty-one years so as to help them get more value out of their technology investments.

We thank our customers and software partners deeply for the 21 years of business they have given us, and we look to many more years of helping companies press forward in the area of delivering content anywhere, anytime.