Sandy Jimenez

Director of Information Services

In my experience, DPCI is one of the very best full service web design companies I have ever worked with. Their team's open, but investigatory perspective put the user experience at the center of the development focus for our site-wide redesign; without sacrificing our staff's needs on the content management side.

Our redesign process involved the unrelated (and sometimes conflicting) goals of many internal stakeholders, and several unique department-specific needs which DPCI prioritized and aligned productively and insightfully.

DPCI's identification and development of the right tools and workflows for the ongoing creation of disparate content types by our staff, as well as fulfilling the need to enable the outward-facing varied interactions and distinct touch points intended for our member visitors, non-member visitors and the new website's ever changing content is what made DPCI the ideal design and development partner for us.

I recommend DPCI without reservation. They are thorough, thoughtful, and nimble.