Why Hire DPCI for vjoon K4 Consulting?

Vjoon integration partnerAny implementation of technology that affects your staff's workflow comes with great responsibility. You can't disrupt people's ability to get their job done, and workflow technology can often be implemented incorrectly to actually make people's jobs harder to actually get done.

As you've no doubt read on other pages on our site, we write a great deal about how vjoon K4 Cross Media Publishing Platform has matured and become a powerful technology to help your organization achieve its editorial workflow needs across media channels. The underlying technology architecture has also ripened to be enterprise class. Where once vjoon K4 had a PrimeBase back end that was a rare technology to support, now the platform offers choices in relational database management technologies, in storage technology options, and in different application/Web server platforms. With those choices comes a great need to retain experts in these technologies who also understand your company's need to maintain and even improve your staff's ability to collaborate in real-time on deadlines. 

With DPCI, many of our customers have come to rely upon us as a technology partner to help them make the important decisions that come with an enterprise content technology implementation. Not only do we have deep experience with the vjoon K4 Cross Media Publishing Platform and the Adobe Creative Suite, but we stand alone in the K4 solutions provider marketplace with enterprise class software architects on our staff to help you optimize your technology environment. Thus, whether you choose to implement MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle database -- even if you need any expert help configuring the application server layer running Apache Tomcat to optimal performance levels, we can help you best scale and tune your vjoon K4 Cross Media Publishing Platform to support your company’s content needs. And the best part if you're a New York-based publisher -- we're a stones throw away from your offices with our offices right in Times Square, NYC.

Our team of world class, easy-to-work-with application specialists, has years of expertise in publishing technology solutions, helping organizations like yours optimize their workflows, then train and support your editorial, design, and production staff to get the most out of your vjoon K4 investment

DPCI helps customers implement technologies to support the entire content lifecycle, from creation, authoring, enrichment, management to delivery of content to print, Web, mobile, tablet and e-reader devices. Our team of developers further extend the vjoon K4 Cross Media Publishing Platform using Web services and available client APIs to integrate with other content technology systems such as Web content management systems, digital asset management systems, text mining engines, XML repositories, and multi-channel publishing systems.

At the end of the day, a successful vjoon K4 Cross Media Publishing Platform implementation is not just about the technology; it is also about the people. We know how difficult it can be for staff members to change their workflow and adjust to a new set of tools, all while trying to quickly produce content for multiple channels. Our Adobe Certified Experts help editorial, design and production resources get up and running quickly with K4, Adobe InDesign and InCopy. Not only do DPCI’s trainers and support professionals show the basics, but provide many tips and tricks along with desk-side support that help ease the transition to a new K4 workflow.

For more information about how we would approach your new or upgrade K4 project, please give us a toll-free call on 800.818.2905 for a no-obligation consultation.

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