Data Migration for a Turn-Key Solution

If you've been planning and building a new Website, your focus has probably been on getting everything new to look and work just so. But what about the content from your old site? Unless you're creating a new site from scratch or rewriting every page, you'll need a way to get that content into your new site.

DPCI can help you migrate your content into a new Drupal Web content management system. Our team of developers and engineers has experience migrating content from a wide range of sources, including:

  • Flat HTML files
  • CSV files
  • SQL databases
  • MySQL databases
  • Other legacy systems

Depending on the content that you need to migrate, DPCI may write custom migration scripts to automate the process or guide you through the process of manually importing content and stripping the existing formatting, also known as content scraping.

With any data migration, an experienced content editor must "touch" each piece of content to make sure that the migration, including formatting, is correct and that the content is tagged appropriately for the new system. This remediation is best accomplished during the User Acceptance Testing phase of a Drupal project, when your users are becoming familiar with the new system.

In addition, our project managers can provide guidance for your team to ensure that the content migration process is managed tightly and completed in time for go-live. If your timeline is tight, DPCI can supplement your team with content production experts to ensure that you meet your deadline.

From start to finish, DPCI is committed to providing you with a turnkey solution that is ready for launch. Our staff experts will be on hand to help you through every step of the process as you prepare your content and get used to working in your new Drupal Web content management system.