The EMBridge module created and maintained by DPCI, extends the image management functionality of Drupal by connecting it to EnterMedia, an open-source digital asset management system distributed under the GNU General Public License, used to search, manage, reuse, and track all digital files

The EMBridge Module integrates Drupal Web content management with EnterMedia digital asset management, allowing you to:

  • Upload single or multiple assets, such as images, video, audio and interactive object files into EnterMedia and apply metadata
  • Add images into any textarea (requires Wysiwyg or CKEditor)
  • Use the Field API to add EnterMedia asset fields to any content types, profiles, vocabularies, etc.
  • Search for assets using any metadata field available in EnterMedia.
  • View thumbnails and metadata in the search results returned from EnterMedia
  • Toggle search results between Thumbnail and List view
  • Replace ImageCache profiles with the superior image conversion capabilities and performance of EnterMedia
  • Store multiple related assets that can be used for Print, Web, and mobile publishing output
  • Take advantage of physical metadata properties and extended asset metadata, such as EXIF, XMP or IPTC, captured by EnterMedia on asset upload
  • Store digital files in a digital asset management repository rather than in the CMS and reference instances of those assets from Drupal
  • Deliver digital assets directly from a CDN, such as Akamai, Amazon CloudFront or Amazon S3.

There are several components to the EMBridge Module:

  • EMBridge – enables Drupal to connect with your EnterMedia system for upload and search of digital assets
  • EMBridge CKEditor Plugin – Defines CKEditor Plug-in for EMBridge
  • EMBridge Cloud – Defines functions for EnterMedia and Cloud integration
  • EMBridge Example – Configures EMBridge against an example EnterMedia Server
  • EMBridge Field – Defines an EnterMedia asset field type
  • EMBridge Metadata – Defines additional functions for read-write EnterMedia metadata

The EMBridge module is not only an incredibly powerful way to extend Drupal’s capabilities for searching and publishing rich media on your website, it also gives you a way to tap into the power of EnterMedia for uploading and managing assets and metadata. This rich functionality can all be accessed directly from within Drupal’s content creation interface without having to jump out to your desktop or another application interface.

For more information about DPCI's EMBridge module or for consulting and implementation support, please contact us Toll Free at (877) 206-9382..