Digital Asset Management

Digital Asset Management Consulting

The exponential growth of content means that corporations are faced with the daunting task of managing the increasing volume of interrelated digital assets. Most organizations own hundreds of thousands if not millions of digital materials - including corporate branding assets, rights-managed photography, creative artwork, audio and video clips, interactive 'objects' and any other kind of digital asset imaginable. Not only are assets left disorganized, lost or unsecurely stored, but these companies do not get the most value of their assets across media channels.

EnterMedia Consulting

EnterMedia is an enterprise-ready open-source digital asset management (DAM) solution to track, manage and share photos, videos, and other document formats online. EnterMedia is a Java-based platform distributed with complete open source code and SDK. Using EnterMedia's Java REST API, DPCI has implemented and enhanced EnterMedia to integrate with Web content management systems and multi-channel publishing solutions, providing customers with an interface to easily retrieve and associate images with other content for publishing to multiple media.

Judith Michael


The DPCI team has worked well with our technology-challenged staff for nearly ten years. Joozer Tohfafarosh and his team have provided much-needed expertise and are willing to be flexible based on our budget, schedule and operational needs.

SVP Business Operations, Frames Data