Planning Your Website: Wireframes and Information Architecture

You have a great concept for a Website, and you're ready to start building it. But wait - what is "it"? DPCI is ready to help you define what you want to build and how all of the pieces fit together, in terms of both functionality and content.

The process begins with wireframes. DPCI's information architecture experts will meet with you to lay out a rough idea of what you want to see. This brainstorming on a whiteboard - or even with old-fashioned pen and paper - helps your team determine the key sections, functionalities and workflows for your new site.

After the wireframes are complete, DPCI will document a detailed information architecture. This ensures that all of your existing content fits into your new site, highlights areas where content needs to be created, and lays a framework for how content will be organized. We will help you make sure that all of your content is presented in a logical and user-friendly manner, so that the Web content management system can be designed accordingly.

The final step in planning your Website is the visual design. DPCI works with award-winning design partners to ensure that your carefully planned site is translated into an aesthetically pleasing design - the extra "wow" factor for your visitors. We collaborate with your chosen Web designer so that the site's front-end and back-end design complement each other.

DPCI has worked with clients through all phases of Website development, from initial conception to launch and beyond, making sure that the architecture for the site is well organized and will meet your business goals. In Website building, as in house building, the most important thing is a solid foundation.