Front End Development Toolbox

Front-End development involves a portfolio of modern technologies to give a site the flawless look and feel that we have all come to expect when visiting web sites on desktop and mobile devices. Frameworks, libraries, and compiling tools are a good example of types of technologies that help us build great websites with a flawless experience in an efficient, well thought out manner. In addition to these tools we rely on the modern languages supported by browsers across the world.


HTML5 allows us to build highly organized content architectures with enhanced ease-of-use features for the users. HTML5 plays a fundamental role in helping us provide a consistent user experience across all media channels. The canvas API, along with native audio and video support, offers designers and developers new opportunities for semantically enriching content and building interactivity while delivering a consistent user experience across Web, mobile, tablet and ereader devices.


CSS3 and SCSS (a CSS compiling tool) are essential to the primary aspects of a website: the theme, the style, and the branding. The styles must properly support all browsers, platforms, and devices to ensure a unified, bug free experience. If a user has trouble using your website due to a browser-specific bug, they are likely to be turned off from the site and click elsewhere or get a poor impression of your site.


Clean, efficient Javascript with the help of frameworks such as jQuery, Velocity, and AngularsJS contribute to improved overall performance in the browser while still enabling the creation of interactive navigation, content, and animations.