Our Front End Development Services

To compete in the digital age, companies need to deliver content to as many channels and to as many devices as possible. To meet these goals, most modern companies have a Website, a mobile app and a tablet app to start.

Building and maintaining applications for every device and every browser application is costly and time-consuming. With a responsive design, companies can create a single Web application that can support all devices and browsers that support the HTML5 specification.

Imagine the money saved with just one code base to maintain. Then you can begin to understand the power of web apps and responsive web design.

The multi-channel technology experts at DPCI can help you quickly start leveraging the benefits of HTML5, either with your existing Web content management system or with a new implementation that is more suited to your company’s current business needs.

Alternatively, if you are looking to build a new mobile or tablet application, DPCI’s front end development team has experience creating iOS and Android applications that utilize HTML5, but are designed for touch screen interactivity. Using JQTouch and Sencha, DPCI can create or adapt an HTML5 application for intuitive use on smartphones and tablet devices.