Web Content Management Consulting

For many companies, the time and resources required to update online content are unacceptable. Market conditions require more speed and functionality than many organizations can coax from their existing Web content management systems.

DPCI-implemented Web content management systems are based on a philosophy of instant access. Our solutions allow non-technical personnel to become producers and quickly publish online via a simple, template-driven Web browser interface.

DPCI has the following content management capabilities that translate to great value for our customers:

  • Wide variety of experience with implementing Web content management systems ranging from LAMP (Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP) to MS.NET to Java/J2EE solutions.
  • Full-service implementation shop, affording customers the opportunity to partner with a single quality company throughout the planning and implementation of Web content management systems, including how Web content management integrates with workflow management, digital asset management, and back-office systems.
  • Wisdom about how Web content management systems should work in varied business environments.
  • Project services including business analysis, project management, product integration, extended programming, training and support around Web content management systems.

Value of a Web Content Management System

DPCI delivers Web content management systems that place more responsibility with marketing professionals and content experts and less responsibility with overworked and understaffed IT personnel. This frees up IT personnel so they can add value to other projects across your organization. For example, without involving the IT department in the process, a single employee can:

  • Post news releases
  • Announce upcoming events
  • Contribute to a blog
  • Add a link to a partner site
  • Complete more complex content publishing chores (posting graphics, photographs or video with text to a pre-configured template)

In order to mitigate the need for ongoing IT support, however, a Web content management system must be both easy to use and robust enough to meet the needs of multiple users from multiple departments within your organization. From product selection to implementation to training and support, DPCI will work with you to create a Web content management system that is flexible and can expand as your needs grow and the size of your company changes.