Mobile Solutions

DPCI offers a variety of services to help companies optimize their content for any number of devices and digital experiences. DPCI has years of experience implementing mobile apps for organizations that want to deliver a rich, interactive content experience for their consumers.

Mobile Publishing - Workflow Discovery and Strategy

DPCI helps its customers get to the underlying needs for mobile applications. Oftentimes, organizations make faulty assumptions about how consumers want to interact with them via an app. By facilitating workshops with our customers' end users, we get to the root of what they want in an app experience, then go from there!

Mobile Design Prototyping

Next, we create wireframes of interfaces that match the expected functionality of the new application. Organizations typically circulate and discuss these wireframes internally as well as with select customers for feedback.

Using an Agile development approach, we then begin to build out the app - involving our customers and even their users when appropriate to interact with the product as it is being built.

For more information about our mobile app development services, please reach out to us today!