DAM Value-added Services

Does your digital asset management system meet all of your business and workflow requirements? Are you using the features to their fullest potential? Do you have the experience in-house to modify the system to meet your changing needs? Through our years of experience implementing digital asset management systems for our customers, we have found that most times, the system will not meet all a customer’s requirements and workflows off the shelf. Customers often come to DPCI to fine-tune digital asset management workflows and rollout strategies and to determine when customizations are necessary to provide the functionality that is not supported out-of-the-box.

Through use of available APIs and custom programming, DPCI has extended digital asset management systems to streamline workflows and repetitive tasks. In addition, DPCI has developed customizations to connect digital asset management systems with other business systems and databases, such as Web content management systems, multi-channel publishing systems and workflow management systems, as well as CRM and other back-office systems.

Whether you need to simplify asset distribution by exporting assets and metadata as XML or deliver Web-ready assets and metadata automatically to a Web content management system, DPCI has the experience to help you further leverage the investment in your digital asset management system.