Why Choose DPCI for DAM Consulting?

There are many digital asset management solutions in the marketplace today. A vendor may promise you a system that will meet all of your needs, however most vendors are focused on their product alone. They may not consider how their product could connect to other systems in your enterprise or how it can support your multi-channel publishing workflows. As a result, you are left with a stand-alone system that does not interact with other applications that need access to the same digital assets.

We at DPCI do not represent any single DAM vendor. Our mission is to represent our customers' digital asset management needs and not to agent products. We exist as a premium service to help you get the most out of your digital asset management technology investment. DPCI is a leader in implementing DAM solutions. No other company has as varied expertise with DAM products, methodologies, and business cases for DAM, as well as integrating DAM with Web content management and multi-channel publishing systems.

We believe that the primary reason for digital asset management implementation projects failing is improper elicitation of functional requirements and use cases. Simply put - you can't just install a digital asset management system at the manufacturer's recommended configuration and then make your business fit the technology. It has to work the other way around – you have to fit the product to your businesses' needs.

Our customers often hire us to help with strategic decision-making early on, so as to avoid costly missteps in the acquisition or the implementation of content technology. Since 1999, DPCI has helped hundreds of corporations reduce the risks of a failed digital asset management implementation by helping them document their functional requirements and use cases, then assisting them in objectively selecting and implementing the best-fit digital asset management system that meets the organizational needs of different business units, partners, affiliates, and customers.