System Selection

With so many digital asset management solutions in the marketplace today, companies often have difficulty differentiating which product is the best fit for their particular business needs. While there is a great deal of information that can be found on the Web, the decision process of what to buy, how to implement the solution(s) and which systems to integrate are all additional challenges that the modern organization must face. In addition, many organizations have already gone through one or two digital asset management system implementations and want to ensure that the right decisions are made the next time around.

At DPCI we work to understand your business challenges and then help you select and adapt the right digital asset management system to fit your business goals, your workflow and your technology needs. Our team keeps current on many digital asset management systems, as well as each vendor’s track record and service models. By matching each system's capabilities against your business goals and processes, we can offer recommendations on what will work best for you.

We have found that customers get the best results when gathering requirements first, and then evaluating content technology after those requirements are agreed upon by the key staff members that will interact with the system. We help our customers define business and functional requirements as well as technical constraints. In addition, we work with our customers to develop use cases for digital asset management and delivery workflows.

In the requirements elicitation process, DPCI helps customers define the major requirements that a candidate system must meet to be considered for purchase. The vendor candidates that pass this initial stage are then evaluated against the full set of functional and technical requirements.

The vendor responses are tallied and validated for accuracy by DPCI subject matter experts. The top three or four vendors are then asked to present their technology, following a demonstration script that highlights the key features important to the customer. DPCI’s approach to digital asset management system procurement enables our customers to compare systems on standardized criteria, ensuring that the final selection is truly the best fit and is minimally influenced by vendor salesmanship. With this procurement process, our customers not only get better results, but the approach also saves vendors time.

Whether your company knows exactly what it's looking for, or if you need a well-defined strategy to help determine which system is best, DPCI can help your organization increase its success rate with digital asset management system selection and implementation.