Online Community Portals

Online communities and community portals have changed the face of the Internet. Countless sites for movie lovers, triathletes, classic car buffs and every conceivable subgenre have achieved significant market penetration and popularity. These online community sites have attracted loyal users in part because they offer compelling content, and in part because they allow people to communicate-and do business-on the Web in a personalized and comfortable way.

DPCI delivers Web content management systems that allow your organization to leverage the power of online communities through community portals. We can customize your content management platform with online community services distinguished by your own private label. Private label offerings can help enhance communication both internally and externally among customers, suppliers, or partners. These platforms are as invisible as possible to users, keeping your branded identity intact. You will be able to enhance your visitors' experiences with a good looking, sophisticated community portal where people are connected to resources, information, and an online community relevant to their particular needs:

  • Offer secure member profiles and anonymous user-generated content
  • Post and share content of all types (including still images and video)
  • Contribute to online forums and blogs
  • Conduct or answer polls and surveys
  • Exchange contact information and set up private messaging between members
  • Subscribe to newsletters and other content streams
  • Allow multiple members to collaborate using a shared knowledge base

A personalized online experience adds value to your brand. Online community functionality is not simply a nice accessory to offer your site visitors. It's a vitally important component of a successful Web strategy.