Search Engine Optimization

Your Web site’s primary purpose may be to sell products or services directly to consumers or other businesses, to build brand awareness, or to serve as a marketing or recruiting tool. But whatever your site’s primary goal, you are not maximizing its effectiveness if people can’t find it easily via Google, Yahoo!, or other major search engines.

DPCI helps companies implement Web content management systems that improve your search engine ranking.

We’re committed to Search Engine Optimization best practices—strategies that, when implemented as part of a comprehensive Web content management system, will help you reach and keep top positions on major search engines and directories.

The better you focus and amplify your keywords, the more likely you are to attract the prospects you are targeting to your Web site. Top natural search engine listings are an extremely powerful tool to help you generate more leads.

We’ll help you implement your most effective keywords in the most search-engine-friendly way possible. And you’ll leverage the “natural” listings (not pay-per-click advertisements) that more than 75% of all customers use when they purchase products or services online.

Often, a Search Engine Optimization strategy that targets natural listings allows an organization to significantly scale back its pay-per-click advertising expenditures. The result is better website ROI and an overall increase in your online revenues.